Commercial property

Storage at your house or site 35
Unit 2/3 in construction

We build commercial property to the highest standards and all our tenants benefit from clear and flexible leases, well insulated spaces and readily available onsite services such as forklifts  - all in our two very secure yards.

At this time we do not have any units available but we are developing three more buildings. If you would like to discuss your requirements please phone or email us. We would like to help.

Why rent commercial property?

Our commercial property, purpose designed and well built -  is a joy to use.

With great natural lighting through the roof panels and exceptional low energy lighting for work-spaces, high levels of insulation and sound deadening together with power roller shutter doors, Tilemans Park buildings will make your business operation a pleasure to operate.

We offer well drawn leases that allow our tenants to operate with the assured knowledge that the buildings will be maintained to the very high standards that they were built to originally.

All of our commercial tenants benefit from additional services that are offered by Tilemans Park and, of course, have access to all the appropriate security technology that is used on the site including NPR software. nightvision cameras, wifi services where appropriate, materials handling equipment, etc,.

Why use Tilemans Park?

There are many reasons why our customers like to use us.

  • Our great location
  • Flexible terms
  • 24-hour access
  • High security throughout the site
  • High-speed internet access
  • Friendly Service -¬† Phone us for a chat to discuss your needs
  • Many other services available on site.
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